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Author Interview - Pamela Gondwe discusses about her book "Tears in a Suitcase" and thoughts on life

Pamela Gondwe is an award winning Author, a Banker, an Entrepreneur, a Speaker, a Poet and a Poetry coach. Pamela’s all-consuming desire and passion has always been to be a writer. She was a finalist in the 2018 Tell Your Own Story Book Awards, and she won the award for Best Poetry for her book, Tears in a Suitcase.

Pamela has a certificate in tailoring and design. Pamela was awarded a certificate of recognition for the difference she made in the global fight against cancer in 2010 by the Zambian Cancer Society.  She is a holder of an MBA in Finance and Accounting awarded by Copperstone University (Zambia) in 2014; an MBA in Finance awarded by Preston University (USA) in 2007; and a BBA awarded by West Coast Institute of Management and Technology (Australia) in 2002.

Pamela Gondwe has a passion for the written word. She has published a book of poetry, Tears in a Suitcase. She is yet to publish her novel, Silent Pages.

In an interview to TALKTOBLOGGER.COM, Pamela Gondwe gets talking about her books, readers, roaring success, and of course her thoughts on life! Catch the interesting conversation here!

What motivates you to write?
       I write because I can’t not write. I have been writing since I was five years old. Writing gives my soul a chance to be heard. I write to experience life through other people and live life more fully. I write for my own pleasure, and I can only hope that my readers will find pleasure in my books.

What was the feeling when your first book got published? How did you handle that moment of glory and self-pride, were people supportive or something else?
       It was the most indescribable feeling that I have ever experienced. I was the happiest and I was truly humbled and honored to have had the support of my family, and my friends and the general public.

How do you take writing novels, as a career or hobby or between both?
I enjoy writing but I do not write for fun. Writing is not a hobby for me. I am passionate about the novel I am currently writing. I am working on developing my writing career. This is what I want and see myself doing for the rest of my life.

For your books you must be doing a lot of research topics and themes. How did you go about it?

       I honestly did not do much research for my book, Tears in a Suitcase. It is a collection of poems based on real life experiences, my own and people in my community. Life in general was my inspiration for my poems. But I have had to do a lot of research for my novel because it is a historical fiction romance story with mystical creatures. I have read over 13 books and I did a lot of research on the internet to make sure I get the facts right. I interviewed 3 people who are knowledgeable about the era that my book is based on. I am still reading and researching till I finally publish the novel.

What is the best aspect about your writing that you love most?

       Writing has enabled me to be aware of my environment and to be very observant. I am always present in the moment. I never take life for granted and I appreciate every experience, every emotion, and I am ever studying people trying to understand why they behave the way they do or what triggers them to say what they say. But mostly, I find bliss in the quiet moments when I get lost in the maze of my disquieting thoughts and I love the conversations I have whole day with the characters in my head. I talk to myself, laugh and cry with myself, and it’s comforting to be at peace with being alone in my aloneness. Writing is a journey I have to take alone, and share its adventures with others who would dare pick up my book and read it.

Is getting published traditionally really tough? Share your views.

       Yes, It is close to impossible in my country. At least that has been my experience. My book, Tears in a Suitcase was rejected a thousand times. I cried a thousand times and became stronger and more determined a thousand times over. I was told my book is full of sadness. Lol. But of course, that is not entirely true. My book is approved by the Curriculum Development Centre under the Ministry of General Education in Zambia as a supplementary reader in schools.

Tell us about your recently published book or the upcoming book?
       My book, Tears in a Suitcase is a collection of poems about life issues that we are afraid talk about because we shun to be judged harshly, or because of shame, guilt or fear of being different. We all want to fit in and belong and show the world that we are happy and doing great but that is not always true. My book talks about physical abuse; emotional pain; low self-esteem; depression; loss of loved ones; finding love; self-love; self-discovery, and pursuing your dreams. My upcoming book is called Silent Pages. It’s a historical fiction novel set in the 1920’s of Northern Rhodesia (Now Zambia) and Medieval London, England. 

There are many new writers out there who are aspiring to get their work published. What would you say to them? 
No one else cares more about your dream than you do. You are the only one who can write that book that is screaming out to be written from the depths of your soul. Follow your heart. Follow your bliss. Make it happen because it is possible. Work at it every day. Write. Read. Write, and read some more.

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