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Author Interview - Antoinette Kumalo discusses about her book ‘Alexandra’ and thoughts on life

My name is Antoinette Kumalo. I’ve always thought I’d be a story teller through acting, but when I started writing in my teen years, as do a lot of girls diarize in that age, I discovered another way of telling stories and I loves it. It broadened my horizon. I started editing for my friends. 

The more I read the better I got at writing, and ventured into script writing for films. Through the encouragement of friends who loved what I wrote, I published my first novel, Alexandra. The reception has been so great and it has lead me to public speaking. I’ve received a lot enquiry from aspiring writers looking to publish their work that I co-founded a company called Precious Flower Media House be bridge the gap. 
Currently we’re in a process of publishing my former high school teacher and looking forward to making many more visual dreams come true as per our slogan.

In an interview to TALKTOBLOGGER.COM, Antoinette Kumalo gets talking about her books, readers, roaring success, and of course her thoughts on life! Catch the interesting conversation here!

What motivates you to write?
Anything really. Writing is an out let to express myself. Sometimes it’s entertaining, and sometimes it’s to celebrate. While other times it’s to communicate. Writing for me is a way to connect to the outer audience.

What was the feeling when your first book got published? How did you handle that moment of glory and self-pride, were people supportive or something else?
       It was both surreal and exciting. I was very proud of the achievement, of actually seeing my dream right in front of me, tangible. I was very happy. Until I realized an error in the printing but all the books were printed. Luckily, it turned out to be silver lining because now that error is what distinguishes my book from others and the loves it. It's no longer an error.

How do you take writing novels, as a career or hobby or between both?
Both, It’s a beautiful hobby that enables me to live off and that makes it a career. It’s never a struggle or strain to write and I can write anytime inspiration hits.

For your books you must be doing a lot of research topics and themes. How did you go about it?
I used the internet. But I also asked a lot of questions from my elders. I drew inspiration from books I’ve read and shows I’ve watched.

What is the best aspect about your writing that you love most?
I love when that one piece of the puzzle finally comes into place and it makes the story comes together. When I no longer have to think about what comes next but the words just come flooding in.

Is getting published traditionally really tough? Share your views.
I’ve found it very tough and quiet expensive. I’ve chosen the route of self-publishing but going through the process of trying to be published traditionally was eye opening and informative. I learned a lot and grew the respect for the industry.

Tell us about your recently published book or the upcoming book?
       My book was published in April of 2018 through my company, Precious Flower Media House. It's titled Alexandra. A dual story of (Alexandra) as she wakes up from a coma to discover that she is trapped inside her head and trying to understand what happened, and fighting a huge corporation that intends on building a lodge on a land that is promised to the community. When the corporation retaliates, Alex, as she affectionately known and everyone she loves is put in harm’s way. Alexandra must rely on an apparent enemy for survival but will falling for him compromise her mission.

There are many new writers out there who are aspiring to get their work published. What would you say to them?
Be patient and do your research. Getting published is a long process but you need to know what who’s publishing. Know the ins and out of the business. And finally find alternative ways to finance it.

Check out more about her:

Antoinette Kumalois more active on Facebook and Instagram than other social networks. People can connect with her through Facebook/Instagram. To know more about Antoinette Kumalo, please visit or follow 

Facebook: Antoinette Kumalo / Precious Flower Media House
       Instagram: Antoinette_Kumalo 
       LinkedIn: Antoinette Kumalo

Thank you so much Antoinette Kumalo, for sharing your experience with us. This will definitely help others to learn from it. If you liked this interview, share it with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn  and Twitter. 


  1. Antoinette Kumalo is my sister and am very proud of her. I'm not a bookworm but when I read her book, Alexandra I couldn't put it down, and note that is not because she's my sister. What I like about the book is that it triggers your emotions, whatever Alexandra goes through you go through it with her.. Very proud of you, sis... Ciao


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