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Interview with Durriya Kapasi - Once Upon A Genie

I am 29 year old author, mother and a creative writing teacher. I started writing few years back out of passion on an online storytelling platform. After getting my first book Once Upon a Genie published, I’m preparing myself for the sequel. I believe achievements are provisional not ultimate so keep working and keep your surrounding happy with your goodness. 
In an interview to TALK TO BLOGGER.COM, Durriya Kapasi gets talking about her books, readers, roaring success, and of course her thoughts on life! Catch the interesting conversation here!
What was the feeling when your first book got published? How did you handle that moment of glory and self-pride, were people supportive or something else?Publishing of my first book taught me the meaning of ‘the right time’.  When I was writing Once Upon A Genie, I had a complete focus on getting it published but in between of writing it, I got ‘Once Upon a Lymphoma.’ Sarcasm aside, I discovered I had blood cancer, 3rd stage and now my dreams were trembled. I attempted to write during my treatment but my brain wires were wrecked.
After finishing my battle successfully, I got stronger all over. If I didn’t give up on my toughest enemy, then why my dreams? That’s when, I sat again to write and boo! I got published, not only published but hit the best sellers! These two major plans of God were in a row just to make a better person, to help me handle the self pride and glory maturely.
I got a lot of support from my family, friends and of course my publisher!
How do you take writing novels, as a career or hobby or between both?At first it was my pass time, I would just write anything or everything on, but after the achievement of my debut book, it became my full time career. I took the responsibility to entertain my audience and to give them something new every time.
For your books you must be doing a lot of research topics and themes. How did you go about it?My subject is Genies, for some they are mythical creatures and for some they do exist. My belief is different, connected with spirituality; Genies are in many top religious books with narration of their existence and connection with humans. There isn’t much on the internet about them, mostly you will come across faux/horror stories, ‘genie in bottle’ type etc. I intended to change this monotonous thought process and decided to bring it in a new form of Fantasy.
What is the best aspect about your writing that you love most?It takes me to another world, a magical world of my own imagination. Trust me, I forget what’s around when I’m writing.
Is getting published traditionally really tough? Share your views.
Initially it’s tough to get there, and even after that, for understanding your publishers and their ways of doing things. Here, it’s not about you, it’s about working together as a team to reach somewhere, and letting go of your ways/ demands for betterment.
I got a wonderful support by the founder of Half Baked Beans, Chetan Soni, he made it way easier for me just by answering my doubts and guiding me throughout.
What do you feel about the Indian literature arena? Do you read Indian authors?
Literature of any country depends upon the literary circle which keeps nurturing the culture, tradition, history and philosophy in the form of literature. India is a vast nation with varied cultural background and I feel Indian literature is growing every day with new faces and trends coming in to add more value to it. I do read Indian authors. I believe every book we read gives us some new information or knowledge.
Tell us about your recently published book or the upcoming book?
I strongly believe that my book Once Upon a Genie has received substantial attention, although it could do much better to reach the higher level, but everything takes time. Being a new author I tried to bring a new concept with various twists, and ended with a well-built cliffhanger at the end. I’m happy with the mouth to mouth publicity; people loved my book, referred it and are demanding for a sequel.
There are many new writers out there who are aspiring to get their work published. What would you say to them?
If you have a good story, then you’re going to rock it. Carve your every sentence like a piece of art, and make your paragraphs rich with vivid detailing of the scenery, adding together the right senses. The readers should exactly imagine what you are imagining and feel what you are feeling. Work on every right word. Don’t rush to be published, your book may be out with your name soon, but will be forgotten soon too.
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Thank you so much Durriya, for sharing your experience with us. This will definitely help others to learn from it. If you liked this interview, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. 


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