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Interview With Zahid Ahmed from Kevein Books and Reviews

In today's interview we are going to feature Zahid Ahmed: a very successful book review blogger from India. He has been professionally blogging over six years and gained dazzling proficiency in his niche: Book Reviews.
His blog has become India's number one book review blog, thus he is a well-known reviewer among the Indian publishing industry. Let's see what story he has to share with us.

1. How did you start blogging?
I exactly don’t remember but some of my friends in Pune used to talk about blogging. That time they used to publish their poems and day-to-day diary on WordPress. Hence, one day I checked about it and made my account on BlogSpot, because it was easy to use. Initially, I wrote thoughts, poems and some weird stuff; also, I was not regular.

When I moved to Delhi six years back, there I saw that blogging is a business for many and people earn good money. So, with a help of a friend I started blogging again with a new email id. After that I started number of blogs with the same id but remained confused about niche, sometimes I used to write about corporate world, love topics, travel, sports, fashion, etc. But nothing worked out in a shape.

I started book review blog because I have been a compulsive reader of books ever since I was a child. This niche was close to my book reading hobby as well as passion of writing. It worked out and when the number of posts increased the traffic increased too. Now I get number of book review requests from publishers and writers every day. It has given me some recognition in the Indian publishing industry.

2. Your blog posts are well covered and extensive. What motivates you?
Of course, book reviews cannot be warts and all. Many book bloggers write everything but the storyline. I particularly follow Wikipedia method, in which I reveal the whole storyline along with other points like theme, writing style, and message. When I read books, I personally feel that after reading a book sharing its review is a kind of moral duty on me. A good book review saves a lot of time of series readers. I also like when people recommend me for writing detailed book reviews, this factor alone motivates me.

3. What would you like to say to new bloggers?
Blogging looks easy, but it isn’t. A few years ago, when I felt stranded and traffic was not good, I left my blog for six months. It was a huge mistake that I made, which eventually put me a year back. So, never give up. Keep writing and keep sharing your posts on social media. Good content is the only effective thing to get good traffic, nothing else. When I posted 200 book reviews, my blog gained over a thousand pageviews without any promotion. So, if you think that five or six posts can make you a superstar blogger, you need to think again. In reality, blogging takes time: it took me exactly six years to get some recognition.

4. Who is your favorite blogger online that you seek as an inspiration?
My favorite blogger is Amit Agarwal. I like him because he is a solo blogger and over a time he has gained good fame as well as fortune. He epitomizes blogging. When I was about to leave blogging midway, I read his story which inspired me sand since then I have never thought of leaving blogging and I write every day.

5. Are you obsessed about making money online? If so, what are the possible ways to do that?
Initially I was. But if you ask me today – I am not. Well, my focus is to produce continuous quality content because this will give me good traffic and this traffic will give me both fame and money. For a book review blog, sometimes I do sponsored book reviews. Otherwise currently I am not into making money from my blog.

6. How many blogs do you run?
I run two blogs, one is about book reviews and the other one is for digital nomads. Well, I pay more attention to my book review blog. The other blog ( is in the initial phase.

7. Do you own any team for blogging?
Blogging is meant to be done alone. I believe in solo blogging. I neither have a team nor money to afford a team. In the future, I may outsource some of my work, but having a team is quite unlikely for me.

Thank you so much Zahid, for sharing your experience with us. This will definitely help others to learn from it. If you liked this interview, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. 


  1. Thumbs up Zahid bro! 👍
    Keep it up! May ur pocket fill with billions 😉

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